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Friday, June 16, 2017
Was so excited to try out the W.Lab White Holic "Quick Whitening Cream" cos I saw it in Park Hye Min a.k.a PONY's video which I've embed here:
I am a huge fan of PONY so most of the time whatever makeup she recommends, I make it a point to try it out. So far everything I have tried from her recommendations, I love.

Due to long hours of being in the sun, my skin has darkened significantly recently which I am terribly upset about. I've been finding all ways to whiten my skin tone becos well, I just don't think I can see myself being tan.
White Holic's "Quick Whitening Cream" is like a dream come true for me because it not only whitens your skin. It covers your blemishes, chloasma, wrinkles and moisturizes your skin all at the same time!

It's extremely lightweight so I feel it's best to use it as a makeup base. It also has a peach scent with I really like because as you all know some makeup products smell like hell and I just can't deal with that.

Click here to buy & tryout W.Lab White Holic now!
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