FLORAE | Manuka Honey Gel Cleanser with Kawakawa Extract

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Wanted to share a little more on FLORAE's story before I talk about the product. 

FLORAE was founded by two ladies. 
It's quite a sad story why they started FLORAE but thankfully, it will be beneficial to other mums/mums-to-be. 

Basically one of their founders had a miscarriage, and while looking for the causes of it she realized how chemicals from daily skincare routine could be harmful for pregnancy and the growing baby. However, she was disappointed by limited options of safe pregnancy skincare products on the market. Her parents, who are dermatologists with more than 30 years of experiences, also felt the negligence of safety standards for cosmetics industry especially for pregnancy skincare products. With the encouragement and support from her parents, the founder decided to invent a new product that provide safe pregnancy skincare solutions for mums-to-be and nursing mums.

Another founder's best friend and mother-in-law were both diagnosed with breast cancer. She was shocked to learn that even in New Zealand, eight women, on average, will hear news today that they have breast cancer. She realized there are so many hidden hazards that causes breast cancer in our daily life. To eliminate the potentially hazardous ingredients in skincare products that might trigger the development of breast cancer, she is determined to devote herself to a project that will benefit not only her loved ones but the female population in general.

That being said, FLORAE aims to provide luxurious skincare experiences for mums and mums-to-be, only using the purest and finest natural ingredients in New Zealand. It's superior formulation is carefully pre-screened for health and safety during pregnancy and nursing which allows mums and mums-to-be to attain their pregnancy glow with peace of mind. 
This FLORAE Manuka Honey Gel Cleanser with Kawakawa Extract is one of their BEST SELLERS and I can see why. It is a natural skincare for acne and blemishes, irritated, dehydrated and even oily skin. 

This face wash helps to attain naturally clear and healthy-looking skin by cleansing away impurities, excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. It hydrates and soothes the skin at the same time. Recognised for its potent antibacterial and healing qualities, Manuka Honey provides a gentle and non-irritating remedy for acne caused by increased hormone production during pregnancy. It effectively reduces breakouts and prevents new acne while balancing oily skin and moisturising dry skin. 

 Kawakawa is well-known for its remarkable ability to soothe and heal. Extracts of Kawakawa Leaves have been used by New Zealand Maori to treat inflamed and irritated skin for centuries.

Back when I was pregnant, I remember breaking out like CRAZY. It was so bad I refused to even leave the house or even open my room door. Everything works differently for everyone, but I urge you to at least give this a try. (The smell isn't strong so I promise it won't make you gag!) When you look good, you feel good, making pregnancy a shitload easier to deal with. - Trust me when I say I know how it feels to feel shitty af during pregnancy. 


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