Thursday, June 29, 2017
Celia & I have been with Kulture Studios since the start of 2017 and we ALWAYS have a good time there. 

If you're plannin' on doing some cardio or plannin' to learn a new dance, Kulture is definitely the place to go. Both Celia & I have been to other dance studios that are so crowded that there is absolutely no space for learning anything. I really like how the classes are at Kulture, and how patient the instructors are with us.

Besides that, there are so many other lessons you can take up at Kulture. They even have singing lessons where you can produce your own songs too!

Pssst, if you are thinking of taking up a dance class at Kulture, be sure to 
quote my name, "XOANGELINE" to enjoy your class rate at ONLY $12 (U.P $15). 
*Promocode valid till August 2017.
*First time rate/New members ONLY

See y'all there!


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