Gaston Luga Backpack | Classic - Black & Black

Friday, July 14, 2017
Because of the nature of my jobs, I am always carrying a backpack around. For me, a sturdy bag with timeless design is a must-have. I need to be able to stuff my laptop, all my documents, books, etc inside and look presentable enough to meet clients and be able to throw it around jobsites without it getting spoilt.

The Gaston Luga Classic Backpack has an elegant yet classic design. Whether you are sailing in the French riviera or having a drink at a five star hotel in New York, the Clässic suits the occasion. (Tbh, all of their bags also very versatile.) It comes with adjustable and removable shoulder strap, metallic feet, strong durable canvas (which is a +++ for me!), 2-way metallic zippers, 1 large main compartment, 2 inner pockets, 1 outer pocket AND soft linen interior. Dimensions in (cm) are: 47 (Length) x 26 (Height) x 20 (Depth) which is just PERFECT to bring anywhere & everywhere. Just nice to put all your belongings inside, and yet again, not too big. Imo, it's a really comfortable size.

Did I also forget to mention that even though the shipping is FREE it's also damn FAST???
My Gaston Luga Backpack reached me less than 48 hours after confirmation. WTF. FROM SWEDEN LEH??? I really cannot see any reason why anyone wouldn't want to invest in a Gaston Luga Backpack.

Key in discount code "xoangeline15" for 15% off at
AND FYI, it's FREE shipping + 20% tax rebate (from non-EU countries)
From $319.00 to $219.92 is more than a whopping $100 OFF. Seriously tell me you don't think it's worth it???


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