JOICO | Why purple shampoo? Which purple shampoo should I choose?

Monday, July 17, 2017
Often, I come across people asking me 
"Why should I use purple shampoo?" "Which purple shampoo should I choose?"

Truth be told, I'm not an avid user of purple shampoo anymore. And honestly that is something I am extremely ashamed about. BUT I have my reasons. I've been sponsored shampoos from different brands constantly for awhile now so, I always make it a point to try them out before I share them and thus not having any time for purple shampoos. Also because I know I have my awesome sponsor - Black Hair Salon whom has got my back if anything fucks up. 

Moving on, when I first started dyeing my hair I tried a shitload of purple/silver shampoos.
I've tried shampoos from as low as $4.90 to shampoos that costs over $70 and everything just seems too damn drying for my already dry hair. So in an effort to keep my hair healthy, I'm always trying to find shampoos that are moisturising for my hair and neglecting the part about the hair colour. (Oops, guilty as charged!)

When I was first introduced to Joico, I was like... "Really will work meh, what difference will it make anyway since I so long never use purple shampoo already?" Despite that, I decided to give it a chance because I recognised it as a salon brand. (The salon downstairs my house stocks em', that's how I knew of em'.)

I shit you not when I say it changed my hair life.

Here's goes my first week's encounter with Joico:

My hair was initially supposed to be silver/ash with bluish highlights.
BUT smart ass me decided to take a shit after putting my shampoo on, which resulted with it being on my head for like 30-45 mins (Yes, I take that long to take a shit.) THEN MY HAIR TURNED PURPLE. Not did it just remove the brassiness in my hair it turned my freakin' hair purple.



I WAS SO AMAZED. Still am, btw.

I didn't read the instructions which resulted in me shampoo-ing my hair with the Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo for the ENTIRE week so my hair turned FULL ON purple-ish/lavender after that. But honestly, I was very very happy with my new diy-ed purple hair. HA HA HA.

Ok, on a serious note you're only supposed to use the shampoo like 2-3x a week alternating it with your own regular shampoo.


So to answer the questions,

"Why purple shampoo?"
Purple shampoos are for you to wash out the brassy tones and neutralize yellow tones in your hair. Basically, purple shampoo uses basic colour mixing to hide brassy tones, so when we wash our hair with purple shampoo, it absorbs a small amount of purple pigment which cancels out red and yellow undertones, making your blue undertones higher.
In this photo you can see the yellow-ish hues in my hair without the use of purple shampoo.

"Which purple shampoo to choose?"
For a first, I would definitely NOT recommend you choosing cheap purple shampoos. In this case, the saying "What you pay for is what you get." is SO TRUE. Tested and proven. While what my work for me may not work for you, I would recommend you tryin' out Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo. I mean, that's how this post came about in the first place right? It's not exactly the cheapest purple shampoo in the market, but at least I'm damn sure it works. And seriously, after you spend hundreds of dollars on your hair you don't want to get a good shampoo to maintain it as long as you can meh?


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