A Better Florist - Bridal Floral Workshop

Friday, August 25, 2017
A Better Florist is one of the most swift florists in Singapore that I know of. You can order flowers just a couple of hours in advance AND the delivery is FREE. Yep, you read that right. Honestly if you ask me, they are the perfect florist for situations which you forget special dates... You know you know... So yes, that aside A Better Florist provides floral workshops as well.

A couple of weeks back, Gex & I had the chance to head down to experience making floral bouquets for ourselves. That week they were teaching how to make bridal bouquets. (If I'm not wrong, every lesson is different.)

So glad we went for the workshop and now I can force Gex to handmake bouquets for me instead of buyin' them. Hiakkkkk.
Aaryanna loved the flowers as much as we did and was so disappointed when they started to wither. Oh, how I wish flowers could last longer.

Till then,