FANTASY DESSERTS GRAND OPENING | First in Singapore to specialize in HEALTHY Artisan Desserts

Monday, November 27, 2017
If you love desserts but you're afraid to gain weight, FANTASY DESSERTS is the place for you!
Fantasy Desserts will be the FIRST IN SINGAPORE to specialize in HEALTHY LOW FAT ARTISAN DESSERTS. Instead of ice cream, they will be serving Gelato & Sorbet. 

99.9% of the time dessert/ice cream is made using full cream milk whilst for GELATO, only LOW FAT MILK or SKIMMED MILK is used. Hence, normal ice cream usually has 25% FATS and gelato only contains BELOW 8% FATS!

As for sorbet, it doesn't contain any milk or dairy products. Great for those who are Lactose Intolerant. Oh, did I forget to mention that sorbet has less than 2% FATS?! 

Not only will Fantasy Desserts be using healthy low fat ingredients, they will also be using quality toppings from Candylicious Singapore. Why Artisan, if you may ask. Well, Fantasy Desserts aim to make their desserts', gelato shake, sorbet shake, into an Instagram picture perfect item. Not only, would it be healthy, delicious, using only the most premium ingredients, they aim to be the dessert shop with the most dreamy, whimsical and artistic kind of desserts.

Fantasy Desserts will be open for buisness on 1st December 2017. However, as all new dessert shops they feel that they need afew days to brush up on operations and ensure that all products and machines will work perfectly well on their Grand Opening. Their Grand Opening will be held over a span of 3 days.

Grand Opening
8-10 December 2017

And they'll be having amazing discounts as well! All you have to do is just download or screenshot this poster and flash it to the cashier to enjoy all the discounts stated.
Besides that, Fantasy Desserts will also be hosting their official Grand Opening along with a Charity event on the 9th of December as they believe in giving back to the society. They'll be surprising under privilleged kids and have also organized 30 exotic & 10 sports cars to pick up and send the kids over the Fantasy Desserts for an early Christmas treat! How nice is that?! 

And to add on, they will even be giving out COMPLIMENTARY hot melted chocolate donut balls, soft serve frozen yogurt, awesome 1 for 1 deals, and selected items at ONLY $1!

Winner will walk away with $300 CASH, a Candylicious hamper, & $50 cash voucher from Fantasy Desserts!
 9 December 2017 

I didn't really want to share too much a desserts cos I didn't wanna spoil the surprise but here's a sneak peak of what they'll be having...
I'll admit I'm a little bias, only chose to share these cos they have mermaids on em' & I love mermaids. Oops, haha!

See y'all there!!!


Orchard Gateway 
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

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Fantasy Desserts threatening to sue over poor review. Boycott!!!