iSteamboat | Pagoda Steamboat Buffet from $11.40++!?!?!

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Awhile ago I was introduced to this place and I decided to take my friends there again because it's so affordable & the selection of food there is huge! 
With over 40 ingredients for their steamboat buffet, you'd be spoilt for choice!
Their soup base ranges from: Chicken soup, Tom yam soup, Fish soup, Korean kimchi soup, Vegetarian soup, Herbal Chicken soup, Sichuan ma la soup & Laksa soup. 
They also have a wide variety of specially home-cooked dishes.
We decided to order a couple of stuff from the cooked dishes menu to try.
I loved the lala. It has a very home-cooked feel to it. If you get what I mean. I think I ate 90% of it. Oops.
None of us were fans of the fried kang kong though. All of us found it too oily and the flour was too overwhelming to even taste the kang kong. However, I understand from the owner that it is just a different type of cooking and they are looking to improve it. (So yay!)
Beansprout with garlic 
I liked the cereal prawns as well. It is super fluffy and airy, very light to eat compared to other cereal prawns I have eaten outside.
All of us are pretty small eaters, if I must say, but we managed to finish up every single piece of food. 
iSteamboat also has a variety of other steamboat sets, like their set lunch that starts from $4.80++ And their lunch porridge steamboat which starts from ONLY $8.80?! 
So I'd say... it's pretty damn worth visiting. 
Even as I'm typing this right now and looking back at the pictures I am already craving for their steamboat again.

PS, I forgot to mention that you can choose 1 dip sauce: Cheese, Satay sauce or Salted egg and they are all FREE FLOW. 


I think they currently don't have a website so you may check it out here on Hungry Go Where to see the selection of dishes and prices for all the dishes & sets respectively.


Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard 
Singapore 039594

Opening Hours: MON-SUN: 11.45AM - 10:00PM 
Lunch Porridge Buffet: 11.45AM - 2.30PM 
Steamboat Buffet: Whole day

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