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Friday, May 11, 2018
I often envy people for their high nose bridges, something which I feel I lack. I have always wanted a high nose bridge, so I made another trip down to Halley Medical Aesthetics to speak with the clinic’s director, Dr. Terence Tan. I explained to him what I wanted, a high nose bridge and sharper nose tip, BUT without surgery, and he recommended me the PDO threadlift. 

(Angeline Yeh, Dr Terence Tan)
I often hear of people going for fillers to enhance their nose. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular fillers, as it helps to add volume to the nose by contouring and augmenting the injected area. Something which I have done previously as well. As much as it is convenient and helps to enhance the definition of the nose bridge, it did not help me to achieve the sharp nose tip that I want. Hence, Dr. Terence Tan prescribed me the PDO threadlift to achieve the sharp nose tip that I desire. When I asked him how should people decide between the two, he said it is best to consult an experienced doctor as different people have different concerns. 

So, what exactly is PDO thread lift?

Basically, it is a minimally-invasive treatment for tightening the skin, contouring and rejuvenating the face, neck and eye area, and enhancing the shape of the nose too *wink. This non-surgical face-lifting technique uses absorbable ultra-fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO) to continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. Made by Korean companies, the threads use cogs or tiny hooks within the threads for anchoring. They are particularly suitable for nose threadlifts and is popularly called as “lunch-time lift” as it can be completed in under an hour. 

Before my treatment, Dr. Terence Tan was very patient and explained to me what would happen during the procedure. Threads will be inserted under the skin and the tiny hooks act as scaffolds to elevate the nose bridge and tip. The threads stimulate the skin over time to produce collagen to support the desired contour for a long-lasting and natural-looking lift. No incisions are made and no stitches are necessary. The threads are eventually fully absorbed within the body. 

The number of threads required will be determined by the doctor based on the existing shape of the nose. Threads of different lengths are inserted into the nose to provide the desired amount of projection. 
(Angeline Yeh, Dr Terence Tan)
Overall, I felt very comfortable throughout the procedure even though I was really scared! Dr. Terence Tan is a very experienced and friendly doctor. To reassure me, he cracked jokes and chatted with me to keep me from thinking about the treatment. 

After my procedure, I could immediately see the lift! My nose bridge is higher and the nose tip is sharper. I'm so pleased with the end result ^__^ Plus, don't you think that it looks quite natural?! 


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Juila said...

Thank you for sharing this article. Indeed nose tip can`t be improved with fillers, only nose thread lift can change it. I had nose thread lift 5 months ago and I am planning to repeat it soon. How fast your will absorb?