Creating the perfect parenting kit with Shopee!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Shopee, is a leading mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia & Taiwan, where everyone can browse, shop and sell. It is a platform tailored for Southeast Asia, making online shopping easy, secure, and fuss-free through it's strong payment and logistical support.

Shopee is available for download for FREE on the App Store & Google Play across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan.

There is a huge variety of baby/parenting products at affordable prices on Shopee and with a shopping budget of $200, we managed to create the perfect parenting kit for Aaryanna!

You can find things from gift sets, feeding & nursing items, educational toys and even milk powder (Which I was honestly quite shocked to find on Shopee).

We chose products that we knew Aaryanna would like, along with a couple of necessities we felt that every parent/kid should have.


Starting off with the non-toxic nail stickers ( Frozen-Roman-Pepe-Pig-Kitty-Snow-Princess-Pony-i.45836171.1022939174) we got for Aary. Do I even need to explain this? Aaryanna never fails to bug me to paint her nails everytime she sees mine. And I'm not a huge fan of painting her nails all the time becos of all the chemicals inside the nail polish. Honestly, I also don't know much about the chemicals la, but since she so young the lesser the better right? So I thought these non-toxic nail stickers were a great idea for her. (FYI, she has had them on for slightly over 2 weeks now and they've yet to budge and she hasn't had a problem with her school teachers as well  becos she says 'I tell them it's sticker not nail polish ma!' Heh.)


I'm super anal about the sun myself and I've been teaching Aaryanna to spam sunblock whenever she's out in the sun but of course a cute umbrella of a cartoon she likes adds huge plus points! She was so thrilled to bring out the umbrella when we received it. When they went out the next morning she actually told her grandma, 'Grandma, today the sun very hot, we need to bring the umbrella out!' Lol.
Purchase the 3D Peppa Pig Umbrella here:


Been tryna look for a swimming costume for Aaryanna for awhile now since she's out growing of all her old ones so we decided to search Shopee for it as well, and we found this LOL Two-Piece Swimsuit ( Beach-Wear-Tops-Dress-Outfits-set-i.69583373.1310629303). She's been obsessed with LOL dolls for awhile now (You won't even believe how many she has k, it's absurd!) so we thought she would really like this.


Got these Jeju Wet Wipes ( type-Manufactured-on-Sep.10.2018-i.28622157.749590880) becos I read the reviews were pretty good. Plus I've been loving it so far so this is definitely a hit for me! Hehe. The price is not the cheapest out there but I'd say it's pretty afforable.
Jeju Wet Wipes - type-Manufactured-on-Sep.10.2018-i.28622157.749590880


Gex and I saw something similar on taobao previously and was considering to get it so when we saw this and in the pink that Aaryanna likes we decided to just go for it. I'm not going to lie, when it first arrived, I was quite skeptical - Like wa this plastic thing can hold my baby's weight meh? Sure anot? But so far we're all quite happy with it although it's a little troublesome when we want to use the loo ourselves.
Baby Potty with adjustable Ladder -


I know that this isn't the best car seat there is out there but we wanted to get something really portable since our car is pretty small. Here is a picture of the Portable Car Seat ( in action!
Portable Car Seat (For Kids aged 3-12YO) -


Need I explain this? Aaryanna drinks this la, so we got this. Tbh, I was quite shocked when I saw this on Shopee. They really everything also sell one sia. It's really like a one-stop shop for parents.
DUGRO Step 4 Milk Powder -


Our best & favourite buy has handsdown got to be





the Children's SLR;
 which we got for Aaryanna. She's been having a ball of a time with it. I posted it on my instastories when we got it and so many parents actually asked me where the camera was from. It's super afforable!
This cute camera comes with a 1.5 inch screen, which is small & lightweight - very easy to carry and such a suitable size for kids' I must say. Aary has always loved using our camera/phone to take pictures and when we saw this it was a no-brainer choice to get it. 

Just slot in an SD card and your kid(s) can start snapping away. You can also transfer the pictures to your computer via the USB cable provided with it. Here are some shots we shot with the SLR Mini Camera ( Birthday-Gifts-i.41293031.779062256):
Ok la, I know it's not the best quality but what do you expect for $20+ bux right? Plus I think it's a really good first camera for kids. Ever since we got this for her, Aary has been bugging us to go for walks to see flowers & butterflies, etc just so she can snap pictures of them. I love how it sort of "cultivates" her "hobby". 


NEW buyers can enjoy $7 off $15 on their first purchase when they key in:
"ANGELINEYEH" upon checkout.
*Expires on 31st December 2018, 1159HRS

There is also an ongoing contest on Shopee's Facebook page where you can stand a chance to win this ENTIRE parenting kit. All you have to do is to vote for our media kit by commenting, liking & sharing the post!



TOP MILK SHOWER FILTER IN KOREA | Refresh Milk Shower Filter

Sunday, October 14, 2018
When I first used these shower filters, my initial thought was that it smelt nice la. I didn't put much thought into it and never expected it to have benefits. It was only when I started seeing numerous posts on it when I realized that there is more than meets the eye, and decided to read up more about it.

Here are the benefits of using the Refresh Milk Shower Filters:

 Delay skin aging,
regenerates collagen layer,
whitens & eliminates dark spots & freckles,
reliefs acne & eczema problems,
helps in delaying hair loss,
helps moisturise, smooth & firm skin,
relieves anxiety,
improves insomnia,
contains antioxidants,
protects skin from residual chlorine & contaminants in tap water,

It is also super easy to use. All you have to do is to connect it onto your current showerhead and you're ready to say hello to softer skin & shinier hair! ;)

Refresh Wellness Milk Shower Filter(s) comes in 3 different scents. Unscented, Lemon & Lavender.


Refresh Milk Shower Filters are retailing at $58EA 
but if you quote 'ANGELINE100' you can get 2 Filters at only $100!

Good news for all our overseas friends, Refresh Wellness ships internationally as well! :)



Friday, October 12, 2018
Early this year, I took some time out to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. I've actually been to LEGOLAND prior to that but it was my first time visiting the RESORT. And I must say, I was pretty blown away. The moment you step in to the resort, the reception area is made of & filled with LEGO(s) that you and/or your kid(s) can play and let your creativity flow away. What a cool idea!
If I'm not wrong, mine was the family room which comes with a double-decker bed, with a pull-out bed underneath & a king-sized bed partitioned into two areas. PERFECT for family vacations & you can still have your alone time behind the sliding door... He he he. There are also toys included in the room and kiddy TV shows to keep the kid(s) busy!


Woke up the next morning for the main event we were all there for: The Official Announcement of the Launch of SEA LIFE Malaysia!!!
SEA LIFE Malaysia, will be a brand new attraction at the resort which is scheduled to open Q4 2018. Occupying 2123m2 of land space, the two storey aquarium at SEA LIFE Malaysia will have more than 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones, featuring THOUSANDS of sea creatures. 

 With a touch of LEGO’s DNA – building imagination through play, SEA LIFE Malaysia offers visitors a unique learning experience filled with fun and excitement. Guests will be delighted to discover LEGO Mini-Figures and other LEGO sea creatures while they embark on their fun and educational journey inside SEA LIFE Malaysia


Headed for buffet lunch at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort after the launch ceremony and how thoughtful is it that the tables all come with crayons and colouring papers??? Cute!
We had LOU HEI (It was CNY period) and look how cute the LOU HEI was! Nawwwww! 
Went to LEGOLAND Malaysia to play some of the rides & games before headin' back to Singapore. We actually tried their LEGO VR Coaster and it's really more scary than it looks k! You can find my post on it here: (


For more information, you can visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Official pages:

ACNE RESCUE KIT | Madeca Derma Mask & Cream

Thursday, October 11, 2018
This Acne Rescue Kit which contains the Madeca Derma Mask & Madeca Derma Cream is a fkin' life-saver. Handsdown the most moisturizing & Best Acne Kit I've ever used. 

You know how when you use certain acne creams, 90% of em' are super drying to the skin? This one definitely doesn't dry out your skin at all. Not only does it help in soothing your acne, it moisturises your face as well. I literally spam the entire cream on my face and it left my skin feeling damn soft. Would totally recommend this especially for folks with dry (ezcema) skin like me! :|

It's no wonder why more than 2,000,000 has been sold & it is ALWAYS sold out,
 so fastest fingers first!

Click here to purchase the Acne Rescue Kit at a discount! :)