Friday, October 12, 2018
Early this year, I took some time out to visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. I've actually been to LEGOLAND prior to that but it was my first time visiting the RESORT. And I must say, I was pretty blown away. The moment you step in to the resort, the reception area is made of & filled with LEGO(s) that you and/or your kid(s) can play and let your creativity flow away. What a cool idea!
If I'm not wrong, mine was the family room which comes with a double-decker bed, with a pull-out bed underneath & a king-sized bed partitioned into two areas. PERFECT for family vacations & you can still have your alone time behind the sliding door... He he he. There are also toys included in the room and kiddy TV shows to keep the kid(s) busy!


Woke up the next morning for the main event we were all there for: The Official Announcement of the Launch of SEA LIFE Malaysia!!!
SEA LIFE Malaysia, will be a brand new attraction at the resort which is scheduled to open Q4 2018. Occupying 2123m2 of land space, the two storey aquarium at SEA LIFE Malaysia will have more than 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones, featuring THOUSANDS of sea creatures. 

 With a touch of LEGO’s DNA – building imagination through play, SEA LIFE Malaysia offers visitors a unique learning experience filled with fun and excitement. Guests will be delighted to discover LEGO Mini-Figures and other LEGO sea creatures while they embark on their fun and educational journey inside SEA LIFE Malaysia


Headed for buffet lunch at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort after the launch ceremony and how thoughtful is it that the tables all come with crayons and colouring papers??? Cute!
We had LOU HEI (It was CNY period) and look how cute the LOU HEI was! Nawwwww! 
Went to LEGOLAND Malaysia to play some of the rides & games before headin' back to Singapore. We actually tried their LEGO VR Coaster and it's really more scary than it looks k! You can find my post on it here: (


For more information, you can visit LEGOLAND Malaysia Official pages:

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