CORAL SWIMWEAR | KAI Two Piece Swimsuit (Deep Coral)

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Wearing KAI Two Piece Swim Suit (Deep Coral) from Coral Swimwear. 
This swimsuit set is so versatile I have even worn it as a top. I
t's also not too revealing IMHO, showing just the right amount of skin. 

Coral Swimwear is currently having their End of Season sale with discounts of up to 40%! 


GLOWFULLY | Glowfully Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanse

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Glowfully is a local skincare brand founded in 2018 by skincare fanatic, Charlene Sim. 

This platform was started because of her mother. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, Charlene started researching on products and food to avoid during the period of her mother's chemotherapy treatment. It was then that she realised the importance of ingredient composition used in skincare products. Charlene hopes to create a brand that can share her passion and goal which is to bring great, innovative skincare solutions that are formulated with harsh-free ingredients.
As my skin is still healing, I decided to take it slow and introduce one product at a time into my routine instead of trying out the whole skincare range all at once. (Although honestly, I'm really tempted to.) 

The first product I tried was the Glowfully Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser that is said to Detox your skin without stripping away the skin's essential moisture. It contains charcoal that acts like a magnet to draw out pore-clogging pollutants and impurities. This cleanser is mildly scented with Geranium essential oil to provide a relaxing mini spa experience each time you cleanse your face.

On first try, I was quite surprised to feel that the charcoal beads were so gentle on the skin that I could barely even feel it. 
I was actually expecting it to feel more like a scrub (?) 


Moving on, if you'd like to buy or try out any of Glowfully's products, 
they'll be having a booth with Beauty & The Biz this weekend, located at SOTA Art Gallery.
The event date & times are as follows:
16 August 2019 (Friday), 1PM-8PM
17th August 2019 (Saturday), 11AM-7PM
18th August (Sunday), 11AM-4PM



MUA.DAWNYEO | Hair and Makeup Artist in Singapore

Friday, August 9, 2019
Makeup by Dawn Yeo


Powder Ombre Brows by
Classic D Curl Eyelashes by


Photography and concept by @project1906


Special thanks to @fireflyphotography for the studio space

GOLDHEART | Bicentennial Commemorative 999 Gold Note

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

 A leading jewellery chain retailer in Singapore, Goldheart constantly evolves with times to cater to the modern shoppers. From fashion accessories to bridal jewellery, Goldheart embraces the style and trends of today’s consumers, and interpret it into the covetable designs that appeal to their sensibilities. 

To commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial year, @goldheartjewelry launched the Bicentennial Commemorative 999 Gold Note. Singapore is known to be a food haven with the variety of food from different races. With that in mind, you’ll find iconic food items like Chilli Crab, Durian, Kopi, Kaya Toast and not forgetting our landmarks, the Merlion, Peranakan shophouses, Singapore Flyer and many more! 🎉 

Grab your bundle set in HUAT number at @goldheartjewelry for $75 to commemorate this Singapore Bicentennial year! 

HOMEAWAY ASIA | Seminyak, Bali

Monday, July 29, 2019
Took a short trip to Bali, Seminyak with my family over the weekend. It's been awhile since we all went away together. So glad everyone managed to fork out the time for this.

We stayed at one of HomeAway Asia's many villas. I love the fact that HomeAway is a whole home; that means more space for everyone to stay together and more amenities to help us spend quality time together. For eg. The Villa we booked could sleep up to 10 people, had a BBQ Pit, Jacuzzi & a huge pool! We also had full privacy, no hosts and no strangers! 

Everyday there would be someone to come cleanup the place. My brother calls them "elves" cos they were so quiet. They came to clean up the place without any of us even us noticing. 

If you're heading to Bali and keen to book the villa we stayed at or the many other places HomeAway has in store: Click here to see more! 


HomeAway Asia

HD Mask | High Definition Advanced Repair Concentrated Recovery Mask Review

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
HD Advanced Repair Concentrated Recovery Mask comes with a High Performance foil-backed sheet mask which creates a protective barrier allowing potent technologies to penetrate fast and deep within the skin's surface and helps to lock in moisture. It claims to instantly leave skin looking fresher & renewed. 

After seeing all the raves about it online, I decided to try it out for myself. I've tried a couple of highly raved masks previously that did not work for me so I wasn't expecting anything much out of this.

In all honesty, I really feel it's about finding what works for your skin. Things that may work for me, might not work for you - Vice versa. 

The HD Advanced Repair Concentrated Recovery Mask comes in two pieces, one for the top of your face (eye area) and another for the bottom of your face (mouth area). Upon trying out this mask, I noticed the stark difference of my skin looking slightly brighter and a little more moisturised. However, it is no miracle mask. And like any other skincare products, healing your skin takes time. Lots of time. 

HD Advance Repair Concentrated Recovery mask comes in 4 pieces/ box and is going for $38/-. 
Quote my name for FREE delivery when you order from @JamieMWQ 

ARTSY BUGSY | Art Classes in the Central/North of Singapore

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Artsy Bugsy strives to be Singapore's leading art school for children.
Their programs are designed to help students develop their imagination and explore their creativity. Although art is great as a pastime, they are strong supporters of their student's ambitions. This means taking their work seriously and placing great emphasis on respecting their students’ artistic integrity.

 ​ Art can help develop your child's confidence. 
 Through their art classes, they will work with each child and their ability to express their inner creative worlds. By seeing their own progression from one week to the next, students will thus develop a solid confidence in themselves and their art. ​ 

 They truly believe that the children who come through their doors may be the great artists of tomorrow.


Attended Artsy Bugsy's Grand Opening previously for a Parent + Child Workshop 
where Gex & Aaryanna made a flower bouquet for me!!! Hehe.
This was the bouquet they made. I thought it was really creative! 
In this two pictures, Aary is telling me that I should stop taking pictures cos the sun is too hot and we GTG. Hahahahaha.
The bouquet now sits in the corner of my room with all our other craft bouquets - Aaryanna loves doing craft work to death so we're constantly on the lookout for stuff that will let her creativity flow. Not sure if anyone is keen, but I occasionally share snippets of our craft work on my instastories
Would y'all want to see more indepth stuff of our art & craft stuff? Let me know! 
This was taken on the day of Artsy Bugsy's Grand Opening! :)
On the left is Teacher Sharmaine, she's the Teacher who led the class for the Parent + Child Workshop


Fast forward, we got a chance to pop by Artsy Bugsy again last weekend.
When I told Aaryanna about it she was thrilled. 
What I really like about Artsy Bugsy is that their lessons for kids not only consists of just drawing/painting on paper 
but also cutting, gluing etc. Which makes the whole experience so much more exciting, IMHO.
Just look at how cute these artworks are?!?!?!?!?!? 
I THINK these are from the Parent + Child Workshops during the June Holidays. 
They also have a space for Parents' to Art Jam when your kids are in class!!!
This was what Aaryanna did for her first lesson - It takes two lessons to complete this, apparently. 
She's supposed to cut and paste the Tiger to make a complete picture. 
Can't wait for her to finish up the next lesson & I'll update again on the complete work. 

She was very upset to leave after class and kept asking me if she could stay lor...

Anyway, apart from their Art Classes,
you can also book their venue (which can hold up to 30 pax) for corporate events or workshops!!!


Sharing some of their class schedules here in case anyone is keen:
For adult classes or more info please check out their Instagram or Website k.



47 Jalan Peminpin
Singapore (577200)

Tel: +65 9010 7663

PRETTY FIT | Furry Pointy Mules

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
“Truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, 
unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward...” 
— Steve Maraboli ⁣
Photos by: @sufisufyan__

--- | Homebased Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Embriodery in Singapore

Monday, July 15, 2019
Photo by: @intricked

Powder Ombre Brows - $388 | Classic D Curl | 90 Mins - $68



Advanced Microblading - $288
Powder Ombre Brows - $388
Combination Brows - $388

Classic 1D Lash by Lash - $68
Soft Volume 2D-3D - $98


Quote my name for 10% off all services at BrowSugar.SG 

Sin Ming Walk, Thomson Grand Condo
(Full address will be sent to you upon confirmation of your appointment)

DM on Instagram or WhatsApp +65 9011 9067 for appointments.

PRETTY FIT | Circular Barbell Ring Slide Sandals

Saturday, July 13, 2019
Photo by: @lkzx

Been wearing these mules to death becos of how convenient and easy to style they are. Plus point is that they are so COMFY. I've been wearing it so frequent I am slightly ashamed; nowadays I don't even think and just grab this pair when I head out. Ha ha. 


{GIVEAWAY} - US Clinicals Strong Eye Kids (Eyecare Chewable Tablets)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Did you know that Singapore ranks number one in the world for the prevalence of myopia in children aged seven to nine, according to the Health Promotion Board?! :/

With the measures and programmes set in motion by Health Promotion Board to educate the public and create greater public awareness on myopia, we still have to act on it and be an advocate to impart the right knowledge within our families.

There is no cure for myopia. Common myopia management includes prescription glasses and contact lenses. In certain cases, one may opt for alternatives such as corrective laser refractive surgery or special lenses implantation, normally during adulthood. However, given the fact that most cases of myopia are developed during childhood, early intervention is the best approach to protect our child’s eyes from myopia.

Adopting good eye care habits (e.g. frequent eye breaks, limiting exposures to handheld devices) from young is a great start in combating myopia. However, in some cases these measures might not be enough to stop the progression of childhood myopia.

Formulated with powerful and high-quality ingredients that have been tested and approved to ensure safety, purity and efficacy, US Clinicals® supplements are not only trusted by parents but also loved by kids. It was also awarded ‘Unity Popular Choice Award’ in 2017 and 2018. Thanks to the holistic formula that provides essential nutrients for a child to develop healthy and good eyesight.

US Clinicals®StrongEyeTM Kids is rich in antioxidants and comes in a chewable tablet form with Orange + Seaweed flavor, making nutritional supplementation fun and easy for you & your child.

Featuring eight key functions of US Clinicals®StrongEyeTM Kids that protects a child’s eyesight and promote healthy vision;
• Improves blood circulation to the eyes
• Promotes healthy eyes and vision
• Promotes sharp and clear vision
• Relieves eye fatigue, dryness and inflammation
• Supports fast and accurate transmission of visual stimuli to the brain
• Protects eyes from harmful blue light, UV rays and free radicals
• A unique blend of 10 clinically researched nutrients to support different parts of the eye
• Strong antioxidants that help protect retina from oxidation damage and inflammation

Main Ingredients: 
• Lutein & Zeaxanthin (LutemaxTM 2020) 
– Supports lens, retina, macular and optic nerve. 
- Antioxidants and carotenoids naturally present in the macular region. 
- Supports macular pigment density and visual activity. 
- Blocks harmful blue light and UV rays. 

• Natural Astaxanthin 
– Supports lens, retina, macular and blood vessels. 
- A strong antioxidant. 
- Protects eyes against oxidative damage. 
- Reduces inflammation. 

• Bilberry 
– Supports blood vessels and capillaries. 
- Promotes flexibility in eye capillaries. 
- Improves blood circulation in the eyes. 

• Lycopene 
– Supports lens, retina and macular. 
- A carotenoid-rich antioxidant. 
- Protects eyes from UV radiation and free radicals damage. 

• Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Vitamin C, E & B12, Zinc 
– Support lens, retina and macular. 
- Promotes healthy eye tissues. 
- Improves night vision and dryness. 
- Reduces risk of macular degeneration. 

Directions of Use: For children 4 years old and above, take 2 tablets daily. 
No artificial colours, flavours and preservatives added. 

Every child deserves a bright vision. Start your kid’s journey towards a healthy vision with US Clinicals®StrongEye Kids today!


We will be giving away 5 X US Clinicals®StrongEye™ Kids 5-Day Trial Pack
Follow Aaryanna's instagram (@xoaaryanna) to find out more on how to win!


US Clinicals®StrongEye Kids is available at all Unity, Watsons, Guardian Pharmacies and at S$36.90 (60 chewable tablets)


HEYTEA | Newest Addition: Peach Cheezo

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Photo by: @lkzx


Tried Heytea's newest addition to their Cheezo Concoction: Peach Cheezo
The vibrant sweetness of peaches is complemented with fragrant Golden Jade, with a dollop of creamy Cheezo to top it off!

It has just been made available to public, slightly over a week, since the 13th of June!


3A River Valley Road
Singapore 179020


Black Hair Salon | Great Singapore Sale 2019

Sunday, June 16, 2019
I've been sticking to rose gold and ash for awhile now and decided to try something new this time. 
Can I just say how much I LOVE IT? 

Tried the latest scalp treatment at Black Hair Salon called the Aqua Acupuncture Scalp Treatment as well. 
Basically this treatment uses a high water pressure machine to remove sebum accumalated in scalp as well as restore damage hair caused by dyes and perms. 

Right after the treatment I IMMEDIATELY felt the difference to my hair. I'm not sure how to put it into words, but my hair has been so tangled and dropping SO MUCH the past couple of months and afew days after the treatment my hair was still smooth and my hairfall was VISIBLY lesser. 

Honestly, I have  no idea what this treatment does EXACTLY but the results really SHOW!!!



▶ 25% off all chemical services (Perm, rebond or 1-tone colouring) + selected hair or scalp treatment  
▶ 35% off colouring with babylights or creative colour (Colours including bleaching e.g ombre/balayage) + selected hair or scalp treatment 

 *200 sets of Goldwell Dualsenses hair care products to be given away for above promo package!
T&C applies. GSS promo from 25 May to 30 June 19!


Black Hair Salon

Capitol Piazza
 13 Stamford Road, #B2-44
Singapore 178905

 Tel: 6835 9976