Aaryanna's Birthday Party At Timezone Singapore

Monday, January 7, 2019
Last month, Aaryanna turned 5. Oh, God. She's 5. Time passes so quickly, she's growing up so fast. Seems like it was just yesterday when she learnt how to walk and now she's running all over the place. 

In all honesty, I didn't plan to host a party cos December is usually the busiest time of the year for me & my schedule was just way too packed. But if you've seen my insta-stories, Aaryanna is obssesed with Timezone and jumps at every chance there is to go there, so when I received the email from Timezone asking if I wanted to host Aaryanna's Birthday Party there, I showed it to Gex he was like 'Let's do it!'

We celebrated her Birthday Party at Timezone's Flagship Store At Vivocity! Prior to this, I never knew that there was a party room in Timezone or that you could host Birthday Parties there. 
Upon arrival, they had the entire room lined with balloons and a screen which said "Welcome To Aaryanna's Birthday Party!" I thought it was so thoughtful as I was initially worried about there being too little decorations. The Party Room actually looked really good on it's own so I think you'd be able to save some $ on decor. But then again, it was so much fun barely anyone was in the room most of the time.
(Timezone Welcome Card)
We were each given a Timezone card to play an UNLIMITED* amount of games. I think it's quite safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves, cos I had a ball of a time if I must say so myself. I'm so done with parties where adults just sit around and look at their phones. We need to be included too k! *wave* 
(L-R:Venelle Lau, Nallur Yang, Emmeline Sng, Emma Skylar Phang)
(Arielle Lim)
(Jamie Ma, Jason Er, Jairus Er, Gex Khaw, Aaryanna Ang, Angeline Yeh)
(Ke En Qi, Aaryanna Ang, Angeline Yeh)
(Gex Khaw, Aaryanna Ang, Angeline Yeh)
(Gex Khaw, Aaryanna Ang, Angeline Yeh)
I know there's so little pictures and the pictures don't do justice but that's just becos we were all having so much fun :( - You can see more videos on my Instagram Stories Highlights (@xoangeline)

Special thanks to Timezone,
to Gex who cooked all the food for the party,
to my amazing cousins who ran around to get me helium balloons cos I was so worried the party would look shitty due to my last minute planning
& everyone who made time to come 


& for those who have asked:

A Birthday Party Package at Timezone includes:
- 1x Birthday Present for the Birthday Child
- 3 hours in Party Room
- 3 hours of UNLIMITED* play
- 1x Party Host
- Online Invitation Cards
- 1x Goodie bag for EACH Child

and costs $640 for 10 PAX!

I'm just gonna leave this picture I took from their website here for those who are keen:


Timezone Flagship Store
1 Habourfront Walk
Singapore 098585


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