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Monday, April 29, 2019
Made the time to pop by Olive Spa Singapore, a Luxury Japanese Spa & Massage place, with both Aaryanna and Gex. And if you're wondering, YES, you can bring your kid(s) along here! That was a major plus point for us, if I must say.
(Olive Spa Singapore)
Olive Spa Singapore was originated from Japan. They are one of Japan's most popular spas with approximately 30 outlets across Japan and also own their own Spa Resort in Guam.

Renowned for their signature treatment and original massage techniques featuring a fusion of Balinese, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and various spa techniques, developed over the years of their expertise. They believe in providing the best Japanese hospitality. To add on, all treatments are customized and tailored specifically to your needs. Talk about bespoke services!


Before taking us into our suite the receptionist, Siti, actually gave us a form to fill up for our treatments so that they could focus on the parts that we wanted them to.
(Olive Spa Singapore Menu)
We were also told to choose the oils that we wanted and Siti explained that each oil actually has different uses. After choosing the oils we wanted for the massage, we were led into their VIP Suite.
(Olive Spa Singapore Essential Oil Choices)
You can even choose the EO for the ROOM. This is really the first time I have ever encountered a massage so detailed & customized right down to every single detail.
(Olive Spa Singapore Massage Beds)
 We really loved how huge & spacious the room was! :)
(Olive Spa Singapore Room)
We started with a leg massage on the sofas you see in the above picture before proceeding with our customized full body massage. 
(Angeline Yeh, Gex Khaw)
They really addressed our problem areas with alot of care. OMG, writing about it now makes me really want to make another appointment with them.
(Olive Spa Singapore Room Vanity Area)
Check out the vanity area!!! Comes with everything you will need. For eg. Hair dryer, comb, etc.
(Olive Spa Singapore Room Jacuzzi)
And their jacuzzi which could fit all 3 of us inside! We had so much fun there. 
(Angeline Yeh, Aaryanna, Gex Khaw)
There's actually also a Gamban room which I couldn't take a picture of cos the steam just blocked my entire camera view. LOL. 

Overall, Gex & I feel that this is officially the BEST massage we've ever had. I'm so bad with words and it's hard for me to describe, all I have to say is that you really have got to try it to know. 

I will admit that price wise, it is little on the higher end but I personally feel that it's SO worth it. 

PS/ I'm not sure about other therapists but both of us really loved our therapists. They made us feel so comfortable even though Aary was a little fussy throughout. So if you'd like, you can request for Belinda & Christine!


Quote "ANGELINE" for 20% discount on ALL treatments upon booking!


Olive Spa
101 Killiney Road
Singapore (239544)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olivespa.sg/

Contact: +65 6356 1468
Email: info@olivespa.sg

Roses Only Singapore

Sunday, April 7, 2019
(Roses Only Mixed Pastel Roses Gift Set)
(Aaryanna & Angeline Yeh)

Each rose from Roses only is individually chosen. With it's fifteen week growing time Roses Only roses reaches an outstanding seventy-centimetre stem before being packed in ninety-centimetre boxes & sent out. I swear it looks so grand I was so shocked when the delivery man came to my place. It is the perfect gift if you want to surprise someone!

All their boxes are also sent out with care instructions & flower food! What a lovely thought since I always hate the fact that flowers die so fast :(