Kitzopia - Singapore's Largest Indoor Edutainment Playground

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Boasting a large 18,000 square feet space, Kiztopia is the biggest edutainment playground housed in a shopping mall, that is divided into 18 different play areas. Each play zone is designed with specific learning objectives in mind for the little ones to cultivate their social, emotional, and motor skills. To encourage parents to interact with their kids at the park and foster a stronger parent-child bond, each admission pass accounts for the entry of one child and one adult.

Building on it's motto, "Play to Learn, Learn through Play", the endless fun-filled park also has it's own curated educational programmes and facilities; this includes an indoor driving school, role play rooms, Augmented Reality (AR) studios with arts and sports content, function rooms and even it's own themed cafe!!!
 (Aaryanna | Kiztopia Ninja Warrior Play Zone)
  (Aaryanna | Kiztopia Ninja Warrior Play Zone)
(Aaryanna | Kiztopia AR Wall)
Aaryanna was running around non-stop I could barely even catch up with her. I couldn't even get her to sit still for a couple of minutes for a nice photo. Imagine how much fun she was having!


Prices start from $28/hour
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