Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Aaryanna wanted to make pancakes so we made pancakes for breakfast today! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Masons Home Decor | DIY Terrarium Kit

Friday, August 14, 2020

This week we were treated to a fun-filled experience by Masons Home Decor. Mason as a company specialises in wood decor and has a wide array of furniture that are not just practical but also pleasing to the eye. 

Masons claim to craft designer furniture of the highest grade of quality, while maintaining a very competitive price. While they do specialise in wood furniture, they also have a section of home decor items from bean bags to bathroom accessories. 

Over the weekend, Aaryanna and I had some fun with the DIY Terrarium Kit we got from Masons Home Decor. The DIY Terrarium Kit that was sent to us was a complete kit that came with everything we needed to create our own little mini garden. 
(Traditionally, terrariums are 'mini gardens' that are housed inside small and sometimes sealable containers.)

What's included in the DIY Terrarium Kit
- 1 Set of Shovels
(The shovels were really cute and small, which was perfect for Aaryanna to use 
and just the right size for working within the confines of a small space.) 
- 1 Drip Bottle
- 1 Bag of Figurines 
(Ours consisted of 2 Flamingos.) 
- 3 Bags of Assorted Decorative Pebbles
- 1 Bag of Mix Soil
- 4 Assorted Succulents
(The succulents (and a cactus) each came in their own separate pot.)
- 2 Glass Jars
(The smaller one had a side opening and the other one was a bigger normal glass bowl.) 

Each component of the DIY terrarium kit came in it's own resealable packaging, 
which gives us the option to store in case we don't finish using any of them.  

Since the kit had everything we required to make the terrariums, there was no need to go out and get anything extra. 
Of course, that's still an option if you want other things in your terrarium. 

The only thing we needed was some newspaper on the floor so we could get our hands dirty and keep the floor clean. 
The rest of the process was rather simple and laughter filled. 
All we needed to do was to follow the instructions I got from the website
It was an enjoyable afternoon for Aaryanna and I. 
Although the final products we created looked rather questionable (give chance la, we are not gardeners)
they are rather presentable and remains on display on our bookshelf.
Aaryanna has also been very excited to water it once a week and never misses to take them out for some sun. 
While most of the process was fun, there were certain aspects of the kit I felt could be improved: 

For example, the kit came without an instruction manual 
which was something that we felt should be in the kit - I had to ask for it and search the website separately. 

None of the items that were in the package were labelled, 
though it was relatively easy to figure of what was what after looking at the instructions manual.

For the most part, we enjoyed the entire process of doing up the terrarium ourself and the plants themselves seem hardy and maintanence is easy, requiring just a little water every week. 
Which I personally feel is great for people, like us, who do not have the green fingers :X

or if you're not much of a DIY person but would like to get your hands on a Terrarium, 
Masons Home Decor also provides a Ready Made Terrarium option!


WonderSmile | Invisible Aligners

Sunday, August 9, 2020

WonderSmile prides themselves to be the most convenient, easy and affordable way to straighten teeth, on the average of 6 months. Think no more waiting rooms, no more high costs. All you need is 1 trip to the WonderSmile Clinic and get your Custom Clear Aligners shipped straight to you at 60% less?!


I had braces done during my younger days, but did not continue to wear the retainers that would have kept my teeth in place - and thus, caused my teeth to shift quite abit over the past decade.

As I didn't want to get braces done again, I started looking for other options. That's when I first found out about Invisible Aligners. After much consideration and seeking opinions from friends and family, I decided on WonderSmile because they offer the full package of Invisible Aligners with No Additional Costs - Which I've found is not common with other Invisible Aligner brands where the cost of visiting or follow ups would inccur additional charges. 

To add on, my schedule is pretty tight on most days and I was afraid of missing out on appointments if I had to go to the dentist for follow ups regularly. I was so glad when I was told that I would only have to visit the WonderSmile office ONCE - The Invisible Aligners would then be shipped to me and I would just have to update my progress online. The whole treatment plan will be supervised by an orthodontist, and I will have the Care Team Support for 7 days a week! So I can contact them any day I want without being worried about whether it is closed on a weekend, yay!

I went for my visit to WonderSmile Singapore's office for an initial consultation to see if I would be a suitable candidate for the WonderSmile treatment. The consultation included a 3D scan of my teeth to determine the eligibility and allow WonderSmile an in-depth look into the current status of my teeth.

 I was told that I would receive my prescribed treatment plan within 10 business days after my consultation date if I am eligible. Thank God I am!!! I was literally jumping for joy when I received my treatment plan from the Orthodontist. 

Here is the 3D of the Before and After of my Invisible Aligners Treatment.
My Upper Arch will need 11 Stages of Invisible Aligners which will take 5.5 months,
and my Lower Arch will need 18 Stages, which will take 9 months in total.

I will need to change them every 2 weeks and will be updated on when to change them via the online portal
Currently, I am still awaiting for my Invisible Aligners to arrive and will update again in due time. 
In the meantime, if you're keen to join me on this journey,
you can use my WonderSmile Promo CodeAYH150 for $150 off!
*WonderSmile is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong. 
** Please note that my promo code is only available for Singapore, if you are based in any other country that offers WonderSmile feel free to check out wethrift for more promo codes 



Farm Florist | 1 Hour Express Flower Delivery in Singapore

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
There's just something about flowers... that really makes your day when you receive em'.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels that way!

I was pleasantly surprised by a delivery of flowers that appeared at my doorstep.
While I do receive flowers occasionally, this one was slightly different and I am very excited to share with ya’ll why!

The Surprise Bloom Box by FARM Florist is a non-customisable bouquet service that was created to help customers who cannot make up their mind. While being non-customisable sounds more like a con than a pro, I assure you, in this scenario, I know of many guys who will appreciate having such an option around in a florist. 
According to their website, the Surprise Bloom Box comes in 2 sizes, a standard size and a large size, each costing $30 and $58 respectively. In the picture above, I was sent the large size with a card attached to it. 

What’s really special about the Surprise Bloom Box is that each one is different and unique,
because FARM Florist designs each bouquet based on a theme of your choosing. 
According to their website, there are currently 7 occasions to choose from.
Birthdays to condolences, there’s definitely something that’s suitable for you!

On talking to the staff as a mystery buyer via the online portal, replies were fast and helpful.
Not once did I feel like I was getting on their nerves even with my bombardment of very ‘auntie’ questions. 

To test them out further, I pretended to have an urgent occasion that needed a bouquet of flowers within the day itself.
And to my surprise again, they were prepared for it and mentioned that it could be sent out in the next couple of hours.

Other than their Surprise Bloom Boxes,
I also really like that they have a tab curated for orders below 45SGD - perfect for those who are looking for something more affordable!
Farm Florist - Afforable Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore
Despite the price, there are actually countless of options you can choose from! 

If you're looking for an even more urgent delivery - Farm Florist has a sister company called the onehourflorist. Which basically like it’s name describes is a florist that delivers bouquets within the hour and the best part is that their prices are rather reasonable.
No more forgetting anniversaries or birthdays!!!
One Hour Florist - Bespoke Bouquets | Affordable and Delivered in 1 Hour
Overall, I would say I'm pretty impressed with the Surprise Bloom Box by FARM Florist. Even though it was a non-customisable bouquet, which in my mind gave me the impression that leftover flowers were used, it was clearly a well thought out and designed bouquet. To add, the flowers were all fresh and no rotting leaves or edges were spotted on any of the flowers.


Black Hair Salon | Hair Salon in Cityhall, Singapore

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Finally got my hair done after a whopping 4 months by Frankie, Senior Stylist at Black Hair Salon.
I'm so thankful to have someone who really cares for and bothers about how my hair is. His dedication never fails to amaze me. You guys should see the amount of times he has nagged at me to look after my hair and will always get me to come back for treatments so that my hair will always be in tip top condition! 💯

Quote my name at Black Hair Salon for % off! 


Capitol Piazza 
13 Stamford Road, #B2-44 
Singapore 178905 

Tel: 6835 9976 

The Clifford Surgery | Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Thursday, July 30, 2020
*Disclaimer: All opinions and views are entirely my own. 

Prior to this, I had previously done Double Suture and Twist (DST) on my eyelids slightly over 3 years ago (Not done at The Clifford Surgery). DST double eyelid surgery is a non-incisional technique used to create a double eyelid. However, it doesn't last (IMO) and will start to droop after a couple of years - which was what happened to me and why I eventually decided to go ahead with the Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery (Cutting Method).

I arranged for a consultation with Dr Timothy Shim who is a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon from The Clifford Surgery to discuss some of my concerns - I have some scars on my eyes from my previous DST double eyelid procedure that were quite obvious, and I also wanted to have a Parallel Medium Crease (which is a slightly higher crease from what I had previously)
After the discussion, we set a date and I came back 2 weeks later for the surgery. Dr Timothy Shim walked me through the surgery and double confirmed where I wanted the crease to be made.
So basically, Dr Timothy Shim had to remove the stitches I had previously before he could cut my new crease. Which honestly, sounded really scary to me and made very nervous initially. But, Thank God, the surgery went by like a breeze. I was humming and talking to Dr Timothy Shim and the nurse throughout the surgery. I barely felt anything. Dr Timothy Shim was so gentle and assuring with me. It was quite funny becos during the surgery he kept apologising, as if he was hurting me and I was just like 'Huh? I didn't feel anything?'. There was however, one instance where I started to be able to feel what Dr Timothy Shim was doing (not pain- phew*) and he immediately injected more anaesthesia into my eyelid and the rest is history. 
I went back to The Clifford Surgery 5 days after the Double Eyelid Surgery to get my stitches removed by Dr Timothy Shim. I was told by a couple of my friends that had gone through the same procedure (with a different clinic & doctor) that getting the stitches removed would be the most painful part of the process but all I felt was a slight itch on my eyelid. It went by so fast I asked Dr Timothy Shim "Finish alr ah? Like that only?" Ha ha ha. All that nervousness for nothing. 

After the surgery, I was given painkillers (which I didn't have to take at all) & anti-biotics for a week. I went home after to take a short nap and could still continue to do work after my nap. Lol. 
This was taken on the Day 6 after my Double Eyelid Surgery
 (A day after getting the stitches removed)
Day 8 after my Double Eyelid Surgery
Now that the eyelids are more or less settled, here is a before and after comparison of my Double Eyelid Surgery.

You can also check out the IGTV I made of the entire process of my Double Eyelid Surgery here:
The entire procedure costs $4,888 (Excluding GST). However, if you're not so keen to cut your eyelids yet and just want to have them sewn (it can be amended if it's sewn), you can opt for the DST stitching method as well at $2,888 (Excluding GST)

For more information, please contact The Clifford Surgery directly.


Clifford Centre
24 Raffles Place #01-05 
Singapore 048621 (Exit A from Raffles MRT) 

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm 
Sat: 10 am to 5pm 
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Call: (65) 6532 2400 | Whatsapp: (65) 8318 6332

Gaston Luga | Spläsh; Wherever you go — whatever the weather.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
I've been going out to the waters alot lately so when 
Gaston Luga Launched their New Design on the 1st June 2020 - Spläsh, I knew I had to get it.
- Made with premium, easy to clean waterproof material to help you stay protected against the elements
- Stylish adjustable roll-top flap to increase your space and carry more
- Padded pocket snugly fits most 11"-13" laptops
- Quick-access pockets, secure laptop storage, and premium, easy to clean rain- and snow-resistant material
- Available in six distinct colors, Spläsh lets you show your style wherever you go—whatever the weather.
Check out with promo code 'XOANGE15' for 15% off 
From now till 17th August 2020, you'll receive one FREE Tote Bag with every purchase of a Backpack.
On top of that, Gaston Luga also offers FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

老地方 (LDF) | Event Space in Singapore

Friday, April 3, 2020
** Please kindly take note that all these happened before the 10 person or fewer limit for gatherings & circuit breaker was implemented **

Celebrated Rachael's birthday at LDF Syed Alwi with half of family.
 It's our family's second time at LDF's outlet and they never disappoint.

LDF operates at 3 properties, and this time we went to the LDF Syed Alwi outlet.

LDF Syed Alwi is located in a quaint shophouse, only to be found through a modest stairwell behind an unwitting, unobtrusive green door. It is an iconic 1,600 sqft event space, sporting old windows, wooden flooring and a balcony looking out to a reminiscing back alley. A place of heritage that accommodates approx 10 to 70 pax.

A quick grasp of what the spaces offer: 120 to 160 inch projection screen, Nintendo Switch with 4 joycons (because 2 ain't a crowd), high-end speakers and audio equipment, karaoke, pool tables, photo corner, poker table, beer pong, card games and etc.

It's a perfect place to host a party and no one will ever get bored since there's something for everyone to do!
Sharing some snippets from the surprise party here -
(To see more of what went down, check out my Instagram Story Highlights)


LDF 老地方

Whatsapp: +65 83559800