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Thursday, July 30, 2020
*Disclaimer: All opinions and views are entirely my own. 

Prior to this, I had previously done Double Suture and Twist (DST) on my eyelids slightly over 3 years ago (Not done at The Clifford Surgery). DST double eyelid surgery is a non-incisional technique used to create a double eyelid. However, it doesn't last (IMO) and will start to droop after a couple of years - which was what happened to me and why I eventually decided to go ahead with the Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery (Cutting Method).

I arranged for a consultation with Dr Timothy Shim who is a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon from The Clifford Surgery to discuss some of my concerns - I have some scars on my eyes from my previous DST double eyelid procedure that were quite obvious, and I also wanted to have a Parallel Medium Crease (which is a slightly higher crease from what I had previously)
After the discussion, we set a date and I came back 2 weeks later for the surgery. Dr Timothy Shim walked me through the surgery and double confirmed where I wanted the crease to be made.
So basically, Dr Timothy Shim had to remove the stitches I had previously before he could cut my new crease. Which honestly, sounded really scary to me and made very nervous initially. But, Thank God, the surgery went by like a breeze. I was humming and talking to Dr Timothy Shim and the nurse throughout the surgery. I barely felt anything. Dr Timothy Shim was so gentle and assuring with me. It was quite funny becos during the surgery he kept apologising, as if he was hurting me and I was just like 'Huh? I didn't feel anything?'. There was however, one instance where I started to be able to feel what Dr Timothy Shim was doing (not pain- phew*) and he immediately injected more anaesthesia into my eyelid and the rest is history. 
I went back to The Clifford Surgery 5 days after the Double Eyelid Surgery to get my stitches removed by Dr Timothy Shim. I was told by a couple of my friends that had gone through the same procedure (with a different clinic & doctor) that getting the stitches removed would be the most painful part of the process but all I felt was a slight itch on my eyelid. It went by so fast I asked Dr Timothy Shim "Finish alr ah? Like that only?" Ha ha ha. All that nervousness for nothing. 

After the surgery, I was given painkillers (which I didn't have to take at all) & anti-biotics for a week. I went home after to take a short nap and could still continue to do work after my nap. Lol. 
This was taken on the Day 6 after my Double Eyelid Surgery
 (A day after getting the stitches removed)
Day 8 after my Double Eyelid Surgery
Now that the eyelids are more or less settled, here is a before and after comparison of my Double Eyelid Surgery.

You can also check out the IGTV I made of the entire process of my Double Eyelid Surgery here:
The entire procedure costs $4,888 (Excluding GST). However, if you're not so keen to cut your eyelids yet and just want to have them sewn (it can be amended if it's sewn), you can opt for the DST stitching method as well at $2,888 (Excluding GST)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Thursday, July 16, 2020