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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
There's just something about flowers... that really makes your day when you receive em'.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels that way!

I was pleasantly surprised by a delivery of flowers that appeared at my doorstep.
While I do receive flowers occasionally, this one was slightly different and I am very excited to share with ya’ll why!

The Surprise Bloom Box by FARM Florist is a non-customisable bouquet service that was created to help customers who cannot make up their mind. While being non-customisable sounds more like a con than a pro, I assure you, in this scenario, I know of many guys who will appreciate having such an option around in a florist. 
According to their website, the Surprise Bloom Box comes in 2 sizes, a standard size and a large size, each costing $30 and $58 respectively. In the picture above, I was sent the large size with a card attached to it. 

What’s really special about the Surprise Bloom Box is that each one is different and unique,
because FARM Florist designs each bouquet based on a theme of your choosing. 
According to their website, there are currently 7 occasions to choose from.
Birthdays to condolences, there’s definitely something that’s suitable for you!

On talking to the staff as a mystery buyer via the online portal, replies were fast and helpful.
Not once did I feel like I was getting on their nerves even with my bombardment of very ‘auntie’ questions. 

To test them out further, I pretended to have an urgent occasion that needed a bouquet of flowers within the day itself.
And to my surprise again, they were prepared for it and mentioned that it could be sent out in the next couple of hours.

Other than their Surprise Bloom Boxes,
I also really like that they have a tab curated for orders below 45SGD - perfect for those who are looking for something more affordable!
Farm Florist - Afforable Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore
Despite the price, there are actually countless of options you can choose from! 

If you're looking for an even more urgent delivery - Farm Florist has a sister company called the onehourflorist. Which basically like it’s name describes is a florist that delivers bouquets within the hour and the best part is that their prices are rather reasonable.
No more forgetting anniversaries or birthdays!!!
One Hour Florist - Bespoke Bouquets | Affordable and Delivered in 1 Hour
Overall, I would say I'm pretty impressed with the Surprise Bloom Box by FARM Florist. Even though it was a non-customisable bouquet, which in my mind gave me the impression that leftover flowers were used, it was clearly a well thought out and designed bouquet. To add, the flowers were all fresh and no rotting leaves or edges were spotted on any of the flowers.


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