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Friday, August 14, 2020

This week we were treated to a fun-filled experience by Masons Home Decor. Mason as a company specialises in wood decor and has a wide array of furniture that are not just practical but also pleasing to the eye. 

Masons claim to craft designer furniture of the highest grade of quality, while maintaining a very competitive price. While they do specialise in wood furniture, they also have a section of home decor items from bean bags to bathroom accessories. 

Over the weekend, Aaryanna and I had some fun with the DIY Terrarium Kit we got from Masons Home Decor. The DIY Terrarium Kit that was sent to us was a complete kit that came with everything we needed to create our own little mini garden. 
(Traditionally, terrariums are 'mini gardens' that are housed inside small and sometimes sealable containers.)

What's included in the DIY Terrarium Kit
- 1 Set of Shovels
(The shovels were really cute and small, which was perfect for Aaryanna to use 
and just the right size for working within the confines of a small space.) 
- 1 Drip Bottle
- 1 Bag of Figurines 
(Ours consisted of 2 Flamingos.) 
- 3 Bags of Assorted Decorative Pebbles
- 1 Bag of Mix Soil
- 4 Assorted Succulents
(The succulents (and a cactus) each came in their own separate pot.)
- 2 Glass Jars
(The smaller one had a side opening and the other one was a bigger normal glass bowl.) 

Each component of the DIY terrarium kit came in it's own resealable packaging, 
which gives us the option to store in case we don't finish using any of them.  

Since the kit had everything we required to make the terrariums, there was no need to go out and get anything extra. 
Of course, that's still an option if you want other things in your terrarium. 

The only thing we needed was some newspaper on the floor so we could get our hands dirty and keep the floor clean. 
The rest of the process was rather simple and laughter filled. 
All we needed to do was to follow the instructions I got from the website
It was an enjoyable afternoon for Aaryanna and I. 
Although the final products we created looked rather questionable (give chance la, we are not gardeners)
they are rather presentable and remains on display on our bookshelf.
Aaryanna has also been very excited to water it once a week and never misses to take them out for some sun. 
While most of the process was fun, there were certain aspects of the kit I felt could be improved: 

For example, the kit came without an instruction manual 
which was something that we felt should be in the kit - I had to ask for it and search the website separately. 

None of the items that were in the package were labelled, 
though it was relatively easy to figure of what was what after looking at the instructions manual.

For the most part, we enjoyed the entire process of doing up the terrarium ourself and the plants themselves seem hardy and maintanence is easy, requiring just a little water every week. 
Which I personally feel is great for people, like us, who do not have the green fingers :X

or if you're not much of a DIY person but would like to get your hands on a Terrarium, 
Masons Home Decor also provides a Ready Made Terrarium option!


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