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Thursday, April 29, 2021
Mothers Day is just around the corner and what better way to treat your mum than with cakes and flowers? Mori Cakes has got you settled with their Mothers' Day Bundles - That come with both Cake & Flower. Forgot about Mothers' Day? Last minute order? Not a problem. Get it delivered to your mum's doorstep with the 1 Hour Express Delivery option on Mori Cakes.
Apart from the fact that they have 1 Hour Express Delivery, Mori Cakes / Cake Delivery Singapore also promises to provide a refund via store credit for all late delivery orders for more than 60 minutes and what I find most amazing is that they deliver 24/7. I remember scrambling to find 24 hours cake shops when I wanted to surprise my friends at midnight. Now we can plan midnight birthday surprises without worrying about where to find a cake last minute!

They also have unique flavours - like Okinawa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake, which honestly I wanted to try - but my mum's a little bit of a bore so she prefers safer flavours and that's why I decided to go with the Crunchy Base Hazelnut Royale which I felt she would enjoy. 

I ordered the cake at around 5:30PM and received it at around 6-ish. Super impressed by the swift delivery. 
It's been almost a week since we ate the cake and my mum is STILL raving about it. In fact, she brought a piece over to my grandma's place for my grandma to try and she said my grandma loved it too! 

I guess it's no surprise that Cake Delivery Singapore is the most popular and best rated cake delivery service in Singapore and known for their award-winning recipes. Their experienced bakers use only the most premium ingredients to provide you with the best tasting cakes in Singapore

*Disclaimer: I have only tried the Crunchy Base Hazelnut Royale and can only vouch for it. All opinions are my own. 


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