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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Gex and I have been discussing on when we should give Aaryanna a phone. Tbch, even though most of her peers already have phones of their own, I'm still on the edge about it. Imagine my joy when I first heard about myFirst Fone.

myFirst Fone series is an all-in-one smart watchphone equipped with a 2-megapixel inbuilt camera, clock, GPS, and fitness tracker! Packed with heavy functional features and yet light-weight on the price.

 Some useful safety features of the myFirst Fone serieswould be the precise location tracking with advanced GPS, Indoor WiFi Tracking via Google System and LBS (Location Based Service). myFirst Fone also provides accurate and convenient information for parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. It comes with Geo-Fencing so parents can preset safety zones for their kids by highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app. The watchphone also comes with a SOS alert that sends distress signals with an integrated SOS button. Parents will receive an emergency location notification alert with a live 30s recording of surrounding sounds if the child is in danger or lost.

More than just a watch, myFirst Fone functions exactly like a phone to help parents stay in touch with our children via voice or video call. For parents who are concerned with smartphones being a distraction to the child, (AKA ME :X), can now be rest assured that there is finally a smart gadget able to deliver all the good functions leaving the distractions aside.

myFirst Fone series is also cleverly installed with a Class Mode where the device can work like just a regular watch during school hours by having certain functions such as phone calling, texting locked, but the SOS button can still be triggered during this period. This can be customized by the parents via the myFirst Fone mobile application to ensure that the children can focus in class and the watchphone will not be a distraction to them! The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.


Aaryanna is using the myFirst Fone R1 series in Space Grey.
It comes in 3 colours, Space Grey, Lavender Purple & Macaw Blue.

It is retailing @ $229SGD. 

myFirst Fone is suitable for any users between the age of 4 – 12 years old.
myFirst has different ongoing monthly subscription plans for Caller ID, unlimited data, voice, and video calls at an affordable flat rate! Now, with myFirst Fone, children can stay in touch with each other, without the stranger danger on the Internet, as long as they are on each other’s contact list, which can be present by their parents!

To make the deal sweeter, each subscription plan comes with a FREE myFirst Fone with a lease to own and myFirst has very kindly offered the following promotions just for you guys!

  • Get your 1st-month FREE subscription for the 1-year R-Plan for any NEW sign ups.
    To be entitled for this promo, use my promo code: XOANGELINE
  • From 6th April - 6th June 2021, myFirst NEW subscribers can get a FREE uGlow Mist or top up to upgrade to other uGlow models. All you need is to bring the redemption letter to ANY OSIM CONCEPT STORE to redeem the uGlow product of their choice. Choose from the FREE uGlow Mist to other top up options such as S$39 for uGlow Eye Beauty Massager (U.P. S$129) or S$79 for the uGlow Cleanse / uGlow IonCare Beauty Care (U.P. S$169).
    To be entitled for this promo, use my promo code: MORXOANGELINE 
    *** Please note that the promo codes are NOT stackable.
    NEW subscribers can only choose either one of the promotions to enjoy!

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