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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
While searching online to look for cakes for my dad's birthday over the weekend, I stumbled upon Whyzee - A Cake Delivery website in Singapore that does Express Delivery within 1 hour!  
Being the absent-minded person that I am, I sometimes forget to buy cakes or schedule deliveries. Years ago, during Aaryanna's first birthday, I actually FORGOT to confirm & schedule the delivery of her birthday cake and had to scramble to find a back up. It was a disaster & I now wish I had known of Whyzee back then! 

What sets Whyzee apart from other bakeries are that:
- Whyzee is Singapore's ONLY 1 hour Express Birthday Cake Delivery
- They have a huge selection of more than 80 different cakes to choose from
- Whyzee is extremely affordable with their prices starting from only $30
- They have NO Minimum Order 
There are so many options to choose from, I was spoilt for choice. I decided to round down my options to what my family loves and know best - Chocolate cakes. And even then, there were 33 cakes to choose from?!?! What??? 
I rounded down my options to their Triple Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake & Nutella Chocolate Cake. I had such a hard time choosing between the two but decided to go with the latter.
Despite it being an Express Delivery, you can still choose the size of the cake, number of candles, Happy Birthday Topper, a short message on the cake and even a message on card (Which is complimentary - and imo, doesn't make it look like a... last minute delivery :X)


Here's what came for our delivery:

Birthday Card, Happy Birthday Topper & Candles

I accidentally ordered the 10 inch cake and it was huge! I reckon it could have fed at least 20 people.
I don't know where else you can find such a large customisable cake at the very last minute. 
Apart from Express Cake Delivery, Whyzee also offers Flower Delivery as well.


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