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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Farm Fresh began in 2007 with the commitment to provide the freshest milk that is produced without any preservatives, colourings & stabilisers. Farm Fresh claims to offer a range of fresh and flavoured milks and prides itself in bottling the freshest milk within 48 hours of milking, resulting in a taste that is 100% natural! :O

Using all-natural processes that include milking twice daily for dairy tasting the best it can be, pasteurising to destroy pathogens, storing the milk below 4 degree celcius for optimal freshness and testing for it's quality before being bottled. Farm fresh also adopts sustainable farming practices as the best way of ensuring long-term product quality alongside positive impacts on the environment. 

Farm Fresh's range of milk & yogurt products available in Singapore include it's best-selling Farm Fresh Milk as well as a variety of fresh, flavoured and UHT milks, including Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk (Aaryanna's favourite) & Farm Fresh Kurma Milk (My personal favourite).

In the month of May, Farm Fresh is offering the following special price promotions:
- Farm Fresh Fresh Milk (2L) at a special price of $5.15 (U.P $5.45)
- Farm Fresh Chocolate Milk (1L) for only $5.35 for 2 (U.P $5.90 for 2)
- Farm Fresh Kurma Milk (700g) for only $5.95 for 2 (U.P $7.10 for 2)
- Farm Fresh Yogurt Drinks (700g) for only $4.35 for 2 (U.P $4.70 for 2)

 Farm Fresh products are available at all leading supermarkets and online via Amazon and Redmart.



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